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lunaticsx's Journal

Lunatic E'sex
12 July
Sunglasses? What sunglasses?

Eyes? What eyes?


The sanest person in the world

Does not HAVE fetishes, IS a fetish

Balances masculine, feminine, style, technological, retro, geek, cool, urban, industrial, glam, goth, casual (black), affluent, broke, mentor, student, introspective, extroverted, brooding, flamboyant, theatrical, realistic, boehemian, jaded, interested, misanthropic, gregarious, shy, performance


Played by Michael Wincott in The Crow, and Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula

Jacket weighs a ton, carries gadgets, Has The Next Idea (been given the compliment of a comparison to Tom Findlay).


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